The Common Thread Book
What do Rocky, Sylvester Stallone, Ringo Starr of The Beatles, Kid Rock,  "The Greatest Of All Time"  Muhammad Ali, Singer Songwriter Stevie Nicks, Hall of Fame Golfer Arnold Palmer, Academy Award Winning Director Quentin Tarantino, Bill O'Reilly, "King of all Media" Howard Stern, Montel Williams, Billionaire Mark Cuban, Garfield Creator Jim Davis, and Snoop Dogg all have in common? 

Is there a common way, a common theme, a "Common Thread" or secret formula behind their achievements? Do you think you can learn from these icons?
Now you have an opportunity through the book The Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams, written by entrepreneur and success and life coach Jerry Gladstone.

  • Learn insights and wisdom from these well-known highly successful celebrities. 
  • Master new skills and habits; understand what makes them tick and how you can use this book to reach great heights of success while maximizing your full potential. 
  • Find out how to defeat obstacles and overcome challenges to live your personal dreams of achievement. 

This groundbreaking book features... Academy Award and Grammy Winners, Super Bowl and World Series Champions, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Legends, Best-selling Authors and Billionaires, Olympians, Boxing and UFC World Champions.

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Learn the secrets of Mark Cuban and Montel Williams! Use their insights to achieve your goals, overcome adversity, and live your dreams!

Over the course of a 25-year career in the entertainment, publishing, and fine art industries, Jerry Gladstone grew a small start-up company with a $2000 initial investment into an organization that represented some of the most important and well-known celebrities, business leaders, movie studios and athletes of the 20th century.

How the Idea for the Book Evolved

Throughout his career, Jerry used his passion, ability and leadership to bring out the best in people.  Along his journey, Jerry was very fortunate to meet many highly successful people and was able to get to know some of these “icons” on a very intimate level.
In a typical conversation Jerry had with his wife, Brooke, they discussed family, friends, and business associates and how some were so successful, and others that had great potential could not seem to “get out of their own way.”
They soon realized that whether you were a movie star, hall of fame athlete, or the “average Joe" (or Jane) there was a common way, a common theme, a “Common Thread” on how these extremely successful people from all walks of life overcame their adversities and were able to live their dreams and go beyond whatever they or others imagined for them.

Thus, the inspiration to write The Common Thread was born, to write and share with others the experiences, conversations, interviews, and insights they had with many of these cultural icons.  

Meeting Successful Individuals

It was very important to feature a diverse group of successful individuals.  Many of these interviews came from Jerry's personal relationships - others were arranged by friends. 
The question was to find out why these people had reached such a high level of success. Were they so special, was it just given to them, or did they do things differently than the average person?
Jerry's goal is to bring to the reader the same empowered feeling he felt after interviewing these icons - the "high", as if you can conquer the world.  He aims to "put the reader in the room" with these highly successful people. 

“I was fairly amazed that just like you and me, these celebrities who many hold up on a pedestal, face the same struggles and adversities that we do," said Jerry.  "I think people come to the conclusion that these individuals somehow were born with a silver spoon, or that what they have was handed to them. The fact is this is just not the truth.”

Jerry challenged all who were interviewed to reflect on their life and careers to give thoughtful insight and inspiration to pass along to others.

How They Made It

The questions these highly successful individuals were asked had little to do with their actual success, but more importantly what they focused on daily, what they did when they hit an obstacle or setback.  What strategies they used when they did not have the support of others or when they ran into extreme adversity:
  • How do they handle competition?
  • How do they stay passionate?
  • How do they rebound from defeat?
  • What was the "turning point" in their live?
  • What put them on the right track and their insight to what holds people back?
  • What do they recommend to others as daily habits, strategies, and "must do things”?

Inspirational For You!
The outcome of these interviews and insights featured in The Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams were truly inspirational and revealed inner secrets, inner strategies, passionate revelations that can be used by individuals and organizations to live a more productive, happier and truly enhanced life. The hope is that this book will empower the reader and act as a guide, as a tool, to help take away limited beliefs we have of ourselves.

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The Common Thread revels where these highly successful individuals started from, and makes it easy to realize that a new attitude, a new vision that says “Yes, I can do it” is there for the taking. 

The Common Thread will help keep you on track during challenging times, during the pursuit of your hopes, dreams and goals and to better understand that you have the power to influence your own destiny.

We look forward to have the launch for The Common Thread" book in 2015.